Core Gift Discovery Master Facilitator

I was given the opportunity from my boss to go to the Core Gift Discovery Master Facilitator Training recently on Vashon Island, Washington. I spent two days with 5 other attendees and Bruce Anderson, Director of the Core Gift Institute. Here is a little description of the training and it’s purpose:

The Strengths movement is in full-force in business, helping professions, and community development. And now there is a next-generation tool that takes strengths to an even deeper and more productive level!

Compatible with research in positive psychology, purpose-driven behavior in individuals and organizations, and motivation, the Core Gift Discovery© tool utilizes a unique facilitated process that results in a person developing an action statement that details their primary life purpose (Core Gift) and their 3-5 other gifts that most contribute to that purpose. Different than a strengths inventory, this unique profile doesn’t compare you with others, and doesn’t use general descriptors of your traits in predetermined areas.

The result is often surprising to the person, and can have a powerful impact on understanding past behavior, current difficulties, and point a clear path to future positive action and opportunity in all parts of life. It can be used to guide career choices, education, job satisfaction, discover and provide solutions to root causes of relationship issues, and be used to analyze work behaviors (positive and negative).

I was able to do my first Core Gifts interview with my boss, who has a wonderful vision for the Developmental Disability Agency she owns where we serve children with developmental disabilities and their families. She graciously supported me by asking that I interview members of our admin team who readily agreed. Each interview has been a delightful experience and truly a sacred space of discovery and has helped me to become certified as a  Core Gift Discovery Master Facilitator while also helping my co-workers with their focus in both their lives and work.

Having done the Core Gift Interview myself, I was a bit surprised having done Spiritual Gift inventories in the past, all giving me a glimpse, really, as to what my Core Gift is as my spiritual gifts stem out of my Core Gift. What remains true is when one is operating out of one’s Core Gift, it brings life and energy! It’s invigorating to be searching for one’s life’s purpose and then finding direction! I can say that I truly am energized coming to work, living out my Core Gift serving children with developmental disabilities and their parents as a Habilitative Intervention Specialist and the Family Education Coordinator.

The Core Gift Institute informs us that:

  • One of the top drivers of employment motivation and retention happens when an employee makes a significant link between their Core Gift, their job description, and the mission of the organization.
  • Many relationship issues start out as gift related conflicts and turn into generalized anger and resentment over time.
  • The behavior we use when we are angry is often the flip side of our Core Gift.
  • Our gifts are often not the abilities we get most complimented for.
  • A Core Gift is never a job. It’s the part of a job that we are most passionate about doing and learning more about.
  • Leadership trouble is often due to an overuse of a person’s Core Gift at the expense of other equally important tasks.
  • Your Core Gift is the same your entire life, but your understanding of it and how you give it changes frequently.
  • You give your Core Gift in all parts of your life, often without knowing it.

Cultures throughout the world encourage their young people to go on quests to discover their life’s purpose. How many times have you heard of folks, or have perhaps had that same yearning to go and “discover oneself” and what you are meant to do in this world? There is also the need, of course, to ensure you have balance so your Core Gift is fully appreciated and utilized to it’s fullest potential.  What would that look like for you? Are you curious to finally take some time to sort through the questions in your mind and not only discover your Core Gift, but then have someone walk alongside you while you explore opportunities to live out of your Core Gift, finally finding your purpose in this gift of life you have been given?

Contact me today and we can set up a Core Gift Interview and take that first step to live that fulfilling life you have been yearning for. Contact me today and let’s set up a time to begin your life long journey of living with intention and purpose.

Call 208-449-9019 or email me at Mention this post and get 25% off your first month of Life Coaching.



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