Now offering Life/Leadership Coaching!

I have been blessed to be taking a Leadership Coaching class this summer to expand my coaching skills and have been able to offer Leadership and Life Coaching supporting those working with agencies that work with those who have developmental disabilities this past year. It has been such a treat walking alongside staff, as a Strength Champion Certified Coach, discovering strengths utilizing the Clifton Strengths Assessment while also learning how to maximize strengths, becoming aware of blindspots and managing weaknesses, leading to growth, success and fulfillment.

The Clifton Strengths Assessment has a number of reports that are available to give insights into how one can identify their top strengths and how to “thrive at work and everywhere else”.

Those in the social and educational service industry are drawn to this work for a variety of reasons and it certainly can be a draining but rewarding career path. A phrase we often hear is that the workers serving those in social or educational services don’t get paid nearly enough for what they do and the lives they impact, which is certainly true. There is a sense of a “Higher Calling” when one works in the helping industry. It’s also a part of who they are, as elluded to above, based upon their strengths. It’s important, however, to find a balance while doing such often challenging work. That is where having a good coach working with employees is beneficial. Agencies and school systems all want to succeed and provide good service to those they are serving and when staff are suffering from burnout or frustrated with the challenges of the job, it can be overwhelming. especially if they have high turnover in staff. Having a coach walk alongside an agency to help them find ways that work better while leaving everyone satisfied and fulfilled is the goal.

In the book, Coaching for Breakthrough Success: Proven Techniques for Making Impossible Dreams Possible by Jack Canfield and Dr. Peter Chee the authors describe “A fulfilling job engages your strengths and talents in contributing to people, the organization, and the community. Such fulfillment is intrinsic and comes from within through acknowledgment, acceptance, and affection rather than from money or material gain, which are extrinsic. You cannot demand fulfillment. Nor can you create an experience of fulfillment insomeone else-that must come from within. It is a result of doing the right things, and it flows naturally when you make a meaningful contribution to a cause that positively impacts the lives of others. Coaching can ultimately bring happiness, satisfaction, and meaning to the life of the coach, as well as to the people being coached!” (pg. 12)

It is such a treat seeing staff discover their strengths and taking the necessary action steps to move forward, not only growing themselves but using those strengths to positively impact the organization they work for in order to better serve the community they serve. Having a coach to be that objective, active and deep listener, asking questions to help their client to create awareness, clarify their thoughts, and challenge their perspectives is such a gift. Just imagine the possibilities that can happen in our world through the support of those on the front lines of social services!

If you are interested in exploring what Life or Leadership Coaching can do for you or your organization, please contact me and we can set up an inquiry call!

Check out the Coaching Services page for more information and contact me either by email at or call me at 208-449-9019 and we can work together to make those “Impossible Dreams Possible”!

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