What Does “Into the Deep” stand for?

While I was taking my classes for becoming a Life Coach, a phrase that resonated with me was listening for that “song of the heart” that each person has.  In order to find that song, you have to be willing to take the time to allow the one you are working with to “go into the deep” areas of what drives them.  It is a discovery process, or for some, a re-discovery of hopes and dreams placed on the back burner and forgotten about as they lived their lives, adjusting to various events, obstacles and experiences that perhaps, steered them off of the course they originally were pursuing.


The noise of everyday living can make it hard to reconnect with that inner drive.  Perhaps the frustrations of feeling as though something is missing, just keeps eating away at that illusive inner peace.

  • You may be trying to make healthy living changes but keep having to start over.  You may be tired of being sick and tired!
  • You may be in college and not sure what you want to study or how to reach your life’s ambition.  It’s a great time of discovery, of course, but with the cost of college tuition, one wants to be efficient with one’s resources.
  • You may be so focused on your kids, whether special needs or not, trying to provide for their needs and helping them become all that they can be while realizing that you got lost along the way.  Frustration can come out in different ways but you realize that there has to be a way for your kids to become fulfilled, as well as yourself!

Life coaching is a great opportunity to come into that sacred space with a trained life coach who knows the right questions to ask to help you get to that deeper place and give your inner dream the voice it has been seeking.  Once that heart song has been expressed, a life coach will hold onto that dream with you and help you discover the steps, supporting you along the way to make it a reality!  New habits take time to develop and become strong and a life coach, just like an athletic coach or drama/art coach, will help you practice those new skills until they become second nature and you are living the life that you have dreamed.

Give Life Coaching a try!  Gear up in a way that makes sense to you to make the changes you have been seeking!  Cast your net on a different side of the boat and allow for it to go deeper than you have dared to go before.  As your life coach, I will help you see what repairs may need to be made to your net.  I will help you steady the boat while you are exploring the depths around you as you consider different perspectives, and support you as you pull in the catch of your dreams!

You will discover more than you dreamed possible about yourself!


Contact me today to set up your free inquiry call!  Don’t keep putting it off!  Make the most of today!

Email:  Sheilamh67@gmail.com or call 208-449-9019



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